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09-05-2012, 03:40 PM
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Originally Posted by True Blue View Post
That is really not a good reason. You cannot sign deals like that and then ask that salaries be cut back. That is not the way that a CBA or a contract works.
I agree. Look at us. An absolute mess until Sather got capped. The team regressed when they splurged on drury/gomez/redden. Spending isn't linked to winning. LA just won by passing on big contracts, good drafting.

The nhl isn't fighting over "parity" this time, its over maximizing a profit. They feel like they have the bills and the risks, they want more reward. It's just hard to lose games over this when it is the owners throwing money like confetti every 7/1.

They're being pissy because they have to bargain to get their realignment. They hate giving stuff away to the union. They only give stuff that helps the league, its not a partnership.

The league crying over lost management powers... all things they gladly bargained away to get the rollback and cap. The players moved on, they aren't bellyaching constantly over the past.

Every cba the system is broke. Almost comical considering its the system the league unilaterally implemented.

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