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09-05-2012, 04:09 PM
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I love it whn people make crap up. Boychuk is "known" to have a lazy streak. Rutherford tore him up publicly. That's funny. Boychuk was in a group of players "torn up" by jr including dalpe for not having great seasons. All this reading between the lines in what coaches/gms get quoted saying or tweets loses all purpose when used to forward ones biased agenda against a player.

It goes without saying boychuk has to start winning a spot here soon or his career path is in trouble. I doubt he isn't aware of this. I also severely doubt he is or ever has had an attitude or work ethic issue. Other players like dalpe and bowman have done this extra skates before to little difference. Bowman is playing a scrub role at a mediocre level, by default. Dalpe and boychuk are scorers and won't make it as total muckers. Now that too six roles are spoken for I'd hoped these two would get better looks at a more realistic scoring third line role. Not likely with all the one ways in front of them.

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