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12-04-2003, 07:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Oi'll say!
Parise and Hudler? Give me a break.

The Oilers had Comrie, a bonafide nhl'er, filling the small center role here better than you could rely on any prospect to do in the future. Would you want to see Comrie, Hudler, Parise, Hemsky, and York all on the same team next season? Denis Gauthier would be running around like Gargamel for Pete's sake.

I agree that the Brown/Allen trade still looks very bad for us contrary to what some others say. Allen's chances of making the nhl full-time are still slim IMO (Lynch will probably be in the nhl b4 Allen will, Greene too) but nevertheless the Oilers defense and Tommy Salo have never been better than they were with Brown in the lineup, and that's a fact that's proven easily enough. Just how much of that you want to attribute to Brown is a matter of opinion, but the main core of the D-corps that were here with Brown were still here last year and our defense was down bigtime over the previous season.

Brown was the biggest menace this team has ever had within ten feet of the front of the net and I object to any notion of his penalties being lumped in the stupid category. Lots of guys in this conference feared him more than anyone fears BG. Brown would hurt you bad if he wanted to, BG asks guys for permission b4 he does anything that would warrant more than a stern look from the referee.
Sean Brown was and always will be a plug 6-7 defensman. He took ridiculous penalties - most of them in the first minutes of the game leading to early defecits. He was a defensive liability and no offensive upside. He is now a castoff elsewhere like he should have been here. Is he supposed to be so good because he would hurt people without even batting an eye? The only pain he was unleashing was to Oilers fans as he continuously looked brutal on the ice. If the Sean Brown for Bobby Allen trade is the root of the Oilers current slump than this team is really in a world of hurt.

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