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Originally Posted by Jester
he's not a future HoFer as an offensive player... and outside of that, it's a myth that this happens anymore than during the regular season. you simply remember those moments more.

Gags is the one that buried the Game 6 OT goal against Tampa, btw.
Come on man. Gags disappeared. Period. So did the rest of the team. Period. Gags has been in Philadelphia how many years now? Gags has played in how many playoffs now? Gags has played in the Olympics twice, a World Cup of Hockey, World Championships, and all of a sudden he can't raise his game to another level at playoff time? Stop making excuses for him. Yeah, yeah, Gagne had a good regular season. Whoopty doo. What he'll always be remembered for is that when the playoffs come, his disappears. While I'm kind of incensed that he doesn't take a leadership role with the team, he needs to realize that he is one of the go to guys. Can you deny that? Can you honestly say that no he isn't one of the go to guys? He's one of the forwards on the team who logs monster ice time, so that should say something about his standing on the team. And how does he reward the team? With mediocre play. The only good playoff year Gagne has had was his rookie year. Give me a Scott Gomez or give me an Alex Tanguay or give me anyone who actually gives a crap about their team and is willing to lay it on the line when games matter. That's what separates good players from great players.

You spew off about how we only remember the good performances from good players. We remember the good performances because it's something they do consistently. As for Sakic, he isn't just a good player, he's a great player. That's the difference between him and Gagne. At Gagne's age, Sakic was a leader and was putting in a playoff performance that was one of the great ones. Gagne has done nothing in the playoffs. Absolutely nothing. But hey, he scored 47 goals and played a great two way game during the regular season, so I guess that counts for something, eh.

Fact of the matter is that we should all be upset with the way the team performed. And Gagne is a part of that team. It's also funny how you criticize me for not liking anyone over 22 on the team, but yet I have had no problems with the play of Forsberg or Meyer. As well, I've been very supportive of the game Niittymaki plays. Yeah, I think the rookies should play more critical roles on the team and as much as I like Handzus, I've felt that he's one guy who could really bring a gold mine in a trade because he is so versatile.

I've watched this team long enough and I can honestly say that this is the most gutless team that I've ever watched. I've been a fan of this team since 1980 and never have I ever seen such a team with so many overrated players on it get the benefit of the doubt by people. It's always something or another. When guys like Poulin, Propp, Kerr, Tocchet, Derrick Smith, Zezel, Craven, Sinisalo, Eklund, Howe, McCrimmon, Crossman, Daigneault, Lindberg, etc.....all played, everyone of them played with heart and determination that only few players on this team plays with. Those players have been guys like Forsberg, Handzus, and Meyer. Everyone one of those guys I've listed always stepped up and delivered come playoff time. And that's what is really sad about this current bunch of Flyers. If any of them other than the three I mentioned had even the iota of heart those guys had, we wouldn't be in the position that we're in.

The sad thing is that they threw Hitchcock under the bus. Even the guys that Hitch relied on regularly threw him under the bus. And that my friend is absolutely inexcusible. So, we can continue to have a pissing match with one another about why Gagne should or shouldn't go. However, after watching Game 6, I think it's pretty safe to say that almost everyone on that damn team should go because what they did was absolutely disgusting. It was shameful, it was shallow, it was horrific and most importantly, it was absolutely soul bearing and character showing. It just showed what kind of character this team truly has.

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