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Originally Posted by dave babych returns View Post
I do agree with this - it's a lot to ask of a young kid. That being said if they think he's got what it takes, it shouldn't be a major issue. The fact is that this team has one beat reporter and they don't feel the need to even bother with him for the most part, the pressure in Denver is not going to be intense.

I'm not saying this is a "can't lose" proposition, but I do think it's different than a franchise in a large (and very interested) market with a core of veteran players and designs on winning the cup in the short term making the same type of move.
Hall seems like a heart and soul guy and he will be captain of that Edmonton soon enough (1-2 years). I don't praise the incompetently run Oilers for much but they made the right decision with Horcroff over the likes of Hall/Eberle and RNH during this rebuilding phase. Horcroff gets roasted for the teams bad play, his own form etc but while all that is happening Hall and co are just being allowed to be. Horcroff is the perfect fill in, good team player, experienced but also someone that can/will step aside when Hall is ready.

In politics, after you lose an election the losing leader usually quits. The a new opposition leader comes in - that person(s) usually is going nowhere fast and basically just holds down the job and is unpopular, then after a few years they are to make a push and they put up their best leader. That's Horcoffs role with the Oilers - just keeping Halls seat warm. If the Oilers improve next year I wouldn't be surprised to see Hall take over in 2013, he got a bit more experience, long contract etc.

I think they should have given Landeskog another couple of years to prove himself to establish himself.

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