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Schedule is currently closed. Now, there are a few things that must be said.

I decided to allow certain users to book ANY ONE game of the season. You must have:
-At least done one or two GDT's last season.
-Must have been creative, and not 10-20 words/no images a la Waffles.
-Be a well known user. Good reputation, will deliver on the GDT (Ex: Won't forget, creative, on time.)

Same rules apply as last year.
-2 GDT's allowed per 2 weeks, unless last minute pickups passed the 12pm mark. (Could make exceptions, due to shortened season and tight schedule)
-Normally give the game to others instead of the same poster for 2 straight games (Unless it's a GDT night last minute pickup)
-When booking, please try to book the following games. (Ex: Game one, then two. Don't book 5 games ahead, keep a flow going. This makes it easier so not everyone jumps on the games in the last minute)
-First 7 games of the season will not count as your ONE game you want for the season. All 7 games are currently available.
-If you must drop a game, please let me know in advance. Preferably 1-2 days before game time.
-At least have the starting lineups
-Have fun

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