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09-05-2012, 07:01 PM
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With Pridham confirmed and Bryce Swan likely the same cause he is enrolled for classes, with the additions of Also Cam Braes and Critchlow, UNB will be extremely dangerous to shut down on Offence, maybe more so than ever before.

If the defence stays Healthy we will be fine despite the losses of big names, some of the talent that wasn't used last year or were injured are very good players who didnt get a chance to play regularly (Shutron, Denny) Robertson is a solid addition to the Defence, and should be a similar type of player as Stamler.

The keys for Defence Ben Wright and Josh Kidd staying healthy, can contribute on both ends of the Ice
Ben Shutron Fully recovering and gaining his confidence back and given the chance to play to get back to his rookie season form. Denny giving a chance to play everyday and show that big shot that gave him an AHL deal. And someone to take charge of Marc Antoine Desnoyiers, fantastic skater, but too many errant give aways on passes, and is a defensive reliability in a big way, takes too many bad penalties and shows a whinny side although that seems to have calmed down a bit towards the end of the season.

The Goaltending is Solid both of them, Dan Lacosta is better than we saw last year, he was forced to play with Groin issues when Fullarton was out.

I don't think the loss of Jon Harty and Kyle Bailey will hurt us as much as most would think, I was always a fan of theirs both and for what they meant to UNB Hockey, while Harty Points per game as a pinching defenseman rose every year, it seems his ability to lay the big hit that everyone and defencive dependability decreased, he just got caught out of position a lot trying to make a hit and missing.

While i could never question what Bailey meant to UNB Hockey, His ability to put points on the board especially on the power play were not as good as maybe some other guys could have done giving the same opportunities and Ice Time Kyle received. He was very much a big part of the UNB power play that struggled badly throughout the year because their was no finish

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