Thread: Confirmed with Link: John Madden joins scouting staff
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09-05-2012, 07:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
I never said Madden was bad, I just said that we don't know what he will bring, we don't if he'll be great, this all pure assumption, the man has no professional scouting history. It might very well be that he is amazing and I hope he is, but it's just strange to call this a great move, when we really don't know what we're getting. I definitely agree with Bergevin's intention with this hire and the hire of all the recent scouts, but I cannot give any value judgment on the scout himself, since we really do not know. It's just a leap of faith, a pure assumption. Yeah, he was a great player, but great players have failed before in post-playing careers.

Maybe he did as you said Whitesnake, some scouting as a player, or some reccomendations, but equating his scouting talent with his playing talent (which you did not do; referring to you Whitesnake) is just pure assumption.
How can having SOMEONE, even if they're inexperienced, do the job be worst than not having anyone at all?

We're adding a guy to the scouting team that has played in the league and that has thrived by using his brain instead of his natural abilities, which he lacked, and made a great career out of it.

It really feels like you're just another one of those people who think that it's cool to go against the tide just for the sake of it. I don't think anyone here thinks that hiring John Madden, who has 0 scouting experience, will turn this team around, but heck, I think most here can agree that this is a good move. Guy gotta get his first chance at some point, and it's not like we gave him the GM job or something as his first gig.

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