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09-05-2012, 07:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Sens1Canes2 View Post
Without going into as much detail as TBK, the main point of this whole thing is that Boychuk is doing the same things as he's always done.
Says it all, doesn't it? The "main point" is based on people just flat out imagining what Boychuk is doing in Alberta based on nothing but pure imagination (and a tweet about going to a football game; shame on you, Zach). How do we know that Boychuk isn't doing any more training that he has in past years? Furthermore, how we do we even know that he was out of shape last season?

There's an obvious confirmation bias at work here. Boychuk is deemed to be not living up to expectations because he is out of shape. He then has a poor season (yet still outproduces Dalpe) and this is used as proof that he was still out of shape. Since that's not enough, some insist on taking it a step further by bringing "Camp Brind'amour" into this, somehow determining that Boychuk being here means he's not training *at all*. Boychuk must be doing nothing but having a good time by going to baseball games and concerts merely because he's not at Camp Brindy .

Of course, this standard is applied to absolutely nobody else. It's character assassination at work, and the worst part about it is that it is all pure fantasy. How many times does it need to be told to people about Boychuk working out with Keith, Eberle, Green, etc? Yet they insist on putting their fingers in their ears and continue with the Boychuk playing golf/watching baseball/murdering hookers nonsense. It's like acknowledging that Boychuk is in fact training may force them to face the idea that maybe Boychuk isn't all that good of a hockey player. He's a small guy with limited hockey sense. Maybe that's the problem? Though I guess it's easier to scream and yell about some hockey player not living to his potential because HE DOESN'T WANT IT ENOUGH than accepting that your hockey team has one less uber-talented player than you think they do.

And, we all know that Boychuk hasn't "made it" yet. It wouldn't hurt to change it up, try something different, maybe even get into the org's good books...or at least make it look like you're going the extra mile.
So showing up two weeks earlier to Camp Brind'amour last year wasn't trying something different? He had a worse year than the year before when he didn't show up until a week before actual camp, so what does that say? What about Anthony Stewart, who showed up on the first day and according to your own inside sources was horribly out of shape.

It's really not that complicated.
I know, I get it. Showing up to Camp Brind'amour early = good, and showing up later = bad. It's not complicated at all. It's very wrong, but not complicated.

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