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09-05-2012, 07:23 PM
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Not to be a Debbie Downer, but just because folks are enrolled at university doesn't necessarily mean that they will play or are eligible to play. Recruits have been known to be enrolled at one school over the summer, and then change their mind and enroll at another in September. Sometimes recruits are enrolled, but still walk away and turn pro without ever showing up for classes. They're "on the books" until they withdraw, or until they don't pay their tuition by last date to add classes (normally two weeks into the term). I prefer to wait for status announcements from the Varsity Reds, as frustrating as the wait can be. Don't forget, their first official practice is only Friday.

As for eligibility, it is particularly tricky for tranfers in their 5th year of eligibility. They have to be full-time students in grad school, or "professional" second degrees such as Law or Education. A normal student can sometimes take grad-level courses without being officially in grad school, but that won't cut it for CIS transfer student-athletes. There was a transfer student in BC a couple of years ago, a football player, who was supposed to be a MBA student. Turns out he hadn't cleared all the hoops for the full-blown MBA program and was in a conditional-acceptance, "MBA-lite" kind of status. Someone complained, his school and the CIS looked into it, and his new team had to forfeit all their wins in games he played. Very embarrassing.

Shorter version: the Varsity Reds have to be very careful about Swan and Pridham's academic situation (grad school is more complicated than undergraduate programs and might have less urgency) since the V-Reds are under a microscope, which is why nothing has been announced yet.

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