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09-05-2012, 08:32 PM
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I do remember, the camp right after we drafted Boychuk, he impressed everybody before he even hit the ice. He had fractured his wrist during the WHL playoffs and wasn't expected to show up for camp because of that recovery.

Instead, 90 minutes after he was medically cleared to play, he showed up for the start of camp. I believe Boychuk stated something about how excited he was to hear the news and how he rushed to get ready immediately after.

I think if we saw more of that Boychuk and less of the "I'll get there when I get there" Boychuk, there wouldn't be as big of a problem with him.

Even if Camp Brindamour/LaRose does nothing to help conditioning, even if the training he's doing now is better for him, showing up to the camp ASAP shows the organization that you're there to win a spot. You're ready and willing to learn and to fight for a spot. It's a PR move mostly, but considering this organization's view on Boychuk has been steadily slipping, some good PR couldn't hurt.

As far as Rutherford's comments about Boychuk, I can provide links to where he's stated that he wishes Boychuk was more consistent in his play and where he's stated that Boychuk "didn't develop as well as we would have liked". I'm sure if I searched through Twitter, I could find more from the assorted beat writers.

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