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09-05-2012, 09:00 PM
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State of the not-immediate future

In honor of the Habs Eyes On the Prize top 25 under 25 I was thinking about our future. Their top three aren't declared yet, but will obviously be Price-Subban-Gally in some order (that order is my guess). Eller is four. Beaulieu is 5. Much as I like both those players, we're already not looking at potential superstars.

So what's the state of the franchise. Who are the truly potential top 4-5 F/top 3 D/60+ game goalie prospects in our org? (I'm thinking of Gorges as the cutoff, meaning as much as I love him, he doesn't make the cut. Intangibles aside, he should be top four, not top 3. At best.)

To my mind, looking only at 25 yrs old and down:

Goal: Price and bupkuss.

D: Subban, Beaulieu, Tinordi... (others on the cuff but...)

W: Pacioretty and a whole bunch of boom or bust scoring wingers.

C: Gally.

Am I shortchanging someone here? Is there one standout who's not a bit of a longshot, or like Eller or Leblanc a player who looks like they can absolutely be core to a winning team, but should be figthting for a slot on the second line, not the first. Otherwise you ain't winning too much, I fear.

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