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09-05-2012, 09:28 PM
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Originally Posted by BonkTastic View Post
Haha, I think I have like 6 of these. And by "I have 6 of these", I mean "I only have 6 of these LEFT".

I walked into the Sport Check at the Kanata Centrum at one point last year, and saw these on sale for $30. I was like "for real, $30? I'll buy one for $30". So I brought it up to the cash, and the girl scanned it. It came up as $10.

Ten dollars.



I asked her if that was legit. There was no way it was $10. But she didn't seem to care at all, she was just like "sure, $10, it's not my store".

So I bought 15 of them. $150 for 15 Canada jerseys. I gave a ton away as gifts to family & friends, and I became a legend of jersey-gift-giving. Your birthday was coming up? You can be sure you were getting a Team Canada jersey.

I love these jerseys too. I know they got a lot of heat, but I like them.
That's amazing! Things like this need to happen more often.

Also, it was my birthday last month...

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