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12-04-2003, 07:39 PM
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Originally Posted by dawgbone
No I get the point...

If the coach tells the player to do something, and he doesn't do it, and it results in a goal against, that is the coach's fault?

No, it isn't.

If a coach loses the room, does that mean he is a bad coach? No. It means that the players feel they don't have to listen to him anymore. And if they lose while not listening, it isn't the coach who is to blame.

If it is the coach's fault that he loses a team, then why do we want guys like Larry Robinson, or Mike Keenan, or Ken Hitchcock? They all lost their respective dressing rooms... why would here be any different?
Exactly. Plus it isn't the PP's fault that the team lost 1-0 or 2-1 in the past couple games. It certainly didn't help but it wasn't the cause of the loss. Of course the Oilers play a PP system. Do you think MacT is some kind of revolutionary coach that avoids systems at all costs? No. Did you listen to Adam Oates prior to the game talking about the PP. He explained the system exactly. They have been working on gaining puck posession getting him the puck, getting traffic to the net, and working the one-timer with Bergeron from Oates. Now did they do that in the game? No - they didn't follow the system. No one-timers, no traffic, no puck posession. The coaches outlined the system and the players failed in achieving the goals. Their is only so much a coach can do before the players become responsible for results. They haven't delivered and now people that refuse to blame their beloved team have to use the coaches as a scapegoat.

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