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09-05-2012, 09:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Novacane View Post
Good luck. I can only dream of having a GPA worthy of getting into Biomedical. What has kind of set me behind from the beginning is applying as Engineer-Undeclared Intent, instead of Mechanical/Aerospace. I know it's not a given if you get accepted to college for your intended major, but it definitely puts you ahead of the undeclared guys. Luckily, I want to have a career in Aerospace especially, so I am not taking this school thing lightly. I've been the most motivated for school I've ever been in my life. Getting work done the day it's assigned instead of the morning it's due is a major stress relief.
Oh, you mean like my statics homework?

But semester is pretty ******. Calculus 3 (actually my easiest class so far), physics 2 (my professor is terrible), statics, organic chemistry, E115 (Why the hell do I have to take this? I mean, seriously). Oh, and the respective physics/chemistry labs.

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