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Originally Posted by kanuck87 View Post
I don't get your line of reasoning. Do the Canucks have to "name" a captain every season?
Captaincy should be up for internal review every offseason. Happy with performance, other players happy? Better guy? The future?

It would be completely wrong for the Oilers to strip Horcoff of the "C", or ask him to relinquish it. As far as I know, he's been absolutely nothing but class.
That's kind of my point, Horcroff is doing a fine job. Deep down the Oilers management must be itching to hand over captaincy to one of the future, probably Hall, but they are doing a really good job of not doing it prematurely. I believe Hall will take the captaincy when he is ready and it is obvious (2 years imho), it's not something that is going to be handed to him out of necessity.

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