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Originally Posted by IslandScout View Post
I do like that comments and opinions of coaches,parents and on lookers. As for the 98 goalies that some on wanted a review 98 in BC. We really have no idea on work ethic on any of these goalies. You mentioned 2 of the Blue Select goalies and 2 from Semi with high praise. Of these goalies mentioned not one made the A1 team in 2011-2012. The three in question are average goalies. I did watch the Challendge Cup tournament and Lange did play well with a sub par def.

Barrett has the best size and athleticism in this group. You have lost your creditabilty. I am sure he is a good goalie , but to try to rank him as the top goalie in BC is just silly.

I have no problem ranking them in order. Until he has a few bad games I can't see anyone above Shugre at this point. The season is long and it does help when you have a good def group in front of you. I believe he has had the same Def group for 3 years. This does make a difference.

Shugrue - based on size, history of big games, speed.
Lange- great glove, and net presence.
Tallarico- great glove and speed. Needs size and work down low.

The other three goalies you had mentioned are in with everyone else. I did see the VS Blues play against Mercurys in Winnipeg. They made them look very average at best. Which is all I can compare when I saw them play the Vipers against Shugure.

All good comments of these players and goalies for the upcoming season.


Are you kidding? I don’t know of a Scout worth his clipboard who would not have a damn sure idea about a players’ work ethic.
Despite the moniker you’ve chosen, you’re obviously not a ‘scout” at all, but a heavily biased mom or dad. Which is a-o-k … so long as you don’t pretend to be something else.
Let me explain it briefly. IF you’re a real scout, you not only know a player’s athletic work ethic but you also know his academic abilities/interests. And the list goes on … you know if he works with a position coach, or a shooting coach, or an off-ice trainer. And you know what else? You talk to these people! And if they are serious about what they do, they tell you the unvarnished truth. Because their reputation matters to them. IF you’re a scout, you know how tall the kid’s parents are and what their athletic backgrounds are. Heck, if his Grandpa (on his mother’s side) was an Olympic bronze medalist in 1968 you’ve made a note of that too. Cuz when your GM or your Coach asks you WHY you are recommending they use (or NOT use) a precious draft pick on kid X, you better know more about him than what is obvious to anyone who watches him play three shifts.

As for your claim that I ranked Barret as the top goalie in BC … your just plain wrong. I was actually pretty careful to announce that my list was “alphabetical”. (If that word was too long, you could always look it up;-) In fact, I really only suggested that he’ll probably be worth picking up in a middle round.

Your comment about Shugrue is the start of some good thinking. I mean, it’s pure speculation how he would look playing for Aldergrove or North Delta. Unlike Tallarico, for example, there is no overwhelming evidence of technical ability watching Tyler. Any observer will recognize Tallarico’s mechanical skills, even playing for Surrey.

Interestingly, you’re the second poster (but maybe the same person?) who’s tried to suggest that Lange is in the elite class of goalies. And I know he has somehow gotten good PR elsewhere, but IMO it is out of all proportion to his abilities. He’s small, often disinterested/sulky, and of the sort of personality that will not ‘fit’ well in a major jr program. All of this could change of course, but until it does he only makes the last spot on my top 10.

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