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Originally Posted by True Blue View Post
To a point. Carter and Richards are not exactly cheap.

And I am not even sure what so-called management powers they lost. Bettman got the owners EVERYTHING that they wanted. And now, AGAIN they are complaining about rising salaries? Who asked them to give out such contracts? And the joke of it is, that they continue to give them out as we speak. Telling a player that he cannot be a free agent until he has 10 years of service time is not a management power. You cannot simply set collective bargaining back 50 years becuase you feel like it. The NFL is an owners league. Somewhow, they still believe in free agency.

What management powers did they loose? That the union denied them a realignment? Again, welcome to the world of a CBA.
Obviously not everything the league is asking for is something they really want... They're going to ask for the moon until real negotiating begins. This way when they concede things it looks like they're budging in issues but all they're doing is conceding the crap they never wanted in the first place. To me the 10 UFA thing seems part of that. They may want it to be a yr or so longer than now but 10 seems like a bit much.

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