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05-03-2006, 08:31 AM
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The Mob Mentality


During the past season, I have had my reservations and a couple of comments regarding the play of some Habs and the team in general...

The next thing I knew...Posters were all over me saying how I'm not a real Habs fan...etc...(Seriously...who are you guys to say who is a real Hab fan or not!?!)

The funny thing is that these same posters are the first to criticize half the team the night the get eliminated! (See various threads that have started after the game)

There has always been a mob mentality on these boards and its too bad that most posters feel the need to follow...

It is evident that many posters on these boards are just "Gerants d'Estrades" (Couch GM's???) and have really nothing better to do than ***** and whine about players or posters that contradict the mob opinion.


ps...Obviously, the team should not be flushed...They played hard...Go Habs Go!

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