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Originally Posted by JTG View Post
I'm not so sure Tangradi couldn't supplant Kunitz. Tangradi has room to improve, and at Kunitz's age, it can only go down. And let's face it, Kunitz is serviceable at what he does there on the PP, but he's much less than ideal.

Tangradi is the ideal net front guy on the PP. If he can up his level of play enough, I think he'd start at least splitting time with Kunitz in that spot.
This is actually possible. But at that point, are people going to be calling Kunitz and his 45 points old and declining because he lost his powerplay spot? I hope we are smarter than that as a fan base. Just look at 2011 TK vs every other year of TK to see what powerplay time means to a player's total stats.

And Jmelm, we are never going to see two even powerplays time-wise unless we split Sid and Geno. And that's not even worth discussing until we have the point guys to run two units. Maybe when Morrow makes the jump. As long as Sid and Geno are both on powerplay line one, powerplay line two will be getting garbage 20-30 second shifts at best aside from extended powerplays. Last year Staal led the 2nd unit powerplay with 1:59 a game and 7 PP points. After him Cooke and TK had 6 and 3 powerplay points.

To put it more simply: Tyler Kennedy was our 3rd forward on the 2nd powerplay. Crosby had more total powerplay time than TK last year.

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