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Originally Posted by EvenSteven View Post
Well, we'll see. This isn't the high end OA forward that the Rangers need to play on their top six.

But since Spott has said he expects him to be our 3rd line checking center to play against the opponants top lines, this may be a good acquisition at a bargain. Methinks that Spott won't deal for another OA forward until he gets a much better idea as to whether AC actually sticks with the Marlies or not.

I believe that the last thing he'd want to do is have 4 valuable OA's on the roster at the deadline and be forced to give one of them away for next to nothing as was the case with Melchiori last year.
I believe a large part of that Melchiori return being underwhelming was that Tyler Randall was returned last minute unexpectedly. Spott was even quoted saying he usually has a good stream of communication with NHL teams and his players, including Tyler, and was last told he wasnt coming back. You can't plan for that.

I don't see the rush personally in adding any further O/A's at the moment. Wait and see with AC (though all indication is he will not be returned. period. According to Mike Farwell). They need to add a 2C, but that doesnt have to be an O/A, and they have pieces to deal.

Franky P will need to go, along with some D. Patience allows for those asstets to be utilized in a manner that returns a quality player(s) of need.

They will know more once the NHL sorts itself out.

A question related to the NHL and potential lockout.

If the NHL is locked out, even for a couple days the OHL regular season will begin. Can players such as Gibson, Reider, Faksa, Peumple, Murphy etc be called to NHL training camp even after the season starts?

Traditionally once they are in junior thats it unless for an emergency call up. However, they havent technically been 'returned' to junior. Has this been talked about anywhere?

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