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09-06-2012, 11:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Martini View Post
The over rating of Brandon Saad continues.......

Hawks do the OP's trade each and every time laughing while the Habs turn it down each and every time holding back giggles.

Saad can over power kids in juniors while his percieved value lies in if he can do the same while playing against men, something he has done very little of and when he did looked out of place.

He fell in the draft for a reason.

Saad hardly "looked out of place" "while playing against men". In fact quite the opposite which is why the optomism from Hawks fans. He looked pretty darn good in training camp, preseason, and the handful of games he played before being returned to junior (it is really a shame that kids can't get sent to the AHL if they are ready).

He fell in the draft because he had a production drop off that in hindsight seemed to have been driven by injury issues. Like most drafts, if there were a redo a year later...things would be different.

As to the original trade proposal, probably a little reluctance from both sides. Pleks is a finished product for a franchise that probably is not at a point of taking a half step backword to maybe (and yes Saad is a prospect until he actually proves it in the NHL) take a step forward. Habs have the pieces to make the playoffs and that would certainly be their goal. Trading a top 6 for a prospect probably don;t go over well with their fanbase. While the Hawks need a center until proven otherwise, they also need some size in their top 6 almost as badly. Trading a cost controlled asset that seems to fit that need might be a case of robbing Peter to pay Paul.

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