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09-06-2012, 10:57 AM
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The owners are following the strategy that once the players miss a few paychecks, they will cave. If I was Fehr, I would start negotiating with the KHL that players that sign with KHL teams MUST stay for the full year. This will put some pressure on the NHL Owners to offer some concessions and come back to the table.

Now how do we break this stalemate?

There are 3 sides to this discussion. The rich teams, the poor teams and the players. The poor teams want to at least break even each year and ice a competitive team. The rich teams don't want to continue to bear the burden of supporting the entire league. The players don't want to take a massive paycut to support the poor teams. The discussion should be between the rich teams and the players. The poor teams will get help either way this agreement is drawn up and should not care how it happens.

Here is what I would do:

1. There already are loopholes for salary cap circumvention. Buyouts, Long term injury, retirement and sending players down. All of these methods are ways to get cap relief. I would offer an additional one which looks like the NHLPA's proposal. You can go over the cap but will be penalized for it. The more you go over, the higher the percentage of the penalty.

2. Buyouts would also be opened up so that the it won't count against the cap any longer, instead, penalties would be applied that would be paid to the league.

3. The revenue split goes to 50/50. The cap drops. The money is not taken from future growth or escrow money. This would mean that the teams that are over the new cap must come down to the new cap or pay penalties.

4. There would be a salary rollback of 6 percent to all players to help with cap relief.

5. To the poor teams, you get revenue assistance from the league based on attendance. If you can't draw big crowds then you don't deserve your team in the first place.

Point's 1 and 2 would have to amount to about 4 percent of total revenues and point 4 would amount to roughly 3 percent of total revenues. This would give the league about 220 M or so to offer to the poor teams.

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