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09-06-2012, 11:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Manked View Post
When does NH's agreement expire with the Jays?

I'll go regardless, but I think if they were affiliated with the Jays it would take their success to a whole other level.
A Double-A team in Ottawa, regardless of affiliation, should succeed, assuming they are smart about their ticket pricing structure and really promote themselves as the summer-option for families who go to OHL games (read: market to families as a low-cost summer sporting outing in a city that has NO summer sporting outings).

A Double-A team in Ottawa, affiliated with the Jays however, could probably print money... or at least whatever the equivalent of "printing money" is for AA ball, haha. I'm sure there's a profit ceiling for minor league baseball.

They'd be the only AA team to get even a trace amount of TSN air time (however brief, and tacked on at the end of the show it would be), I assure you of that. If the Jays were doing well in July and August, and in a chase for a playoff spot, I could absolutely see a "minor league update" if the farm team were Canadian, and not buried in some American town.

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