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05-03-2006, 10:29 AM
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Dear Bobby Clarke


You can't win with a team like this. I'll say that again, You can't win with a team like this. It's time to get some skilled players in here to surround Forsberg. Gagne is good and all, but let's get some guys that have some one on one skills. Forsberg is the only player who can create for himself and beat a defender one on one. Gagne never can. It's pathetic. I swear since 1995, we have had the same kind of team and always get beat in the playoffs by a quicker and more skilled team. (Detroit, Buffalo, Tampa Bay) What is it gonna take for this guy to realize that we need speed and skill??? I love the Flyers and I couldn't even really get behind them that much this year cuz they were so boring to watch at most times. Talk about the Devils being boring. I think they swapped roles with the Flyers this season. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed for years now how unskilled our team is compared to most other teams. For example: Our power play has always looked inferior to most other teams for years now. They can never move the puck like the teams we were used to seeing out West and others like Ottawa, Carolina, and Buffalo, and even New Jersey this season. Do you guys sknow what I'm talking about? Those teams are absolutely sick moving the puck on the Power Play. It's amazing the way their players find openings and rip off all kinds of insane passes to find the open guy for an easy one timer and stuff like that. Or even carry the puck into the zone on the PP instead of the horrendous "Dump and Chase." Wouldn't that be something if we had players who could do that? But no, Clarke will go get guys like Petr Nedved. Or go out and get a guy like Sami Kapanen (I Love Sami) and think that having him is enough speed for our team. Now I'm no expert with the salary cap and I don't know if any of this is possible but why doesn't he try and go after Patrik Elias. He will be a free agent. The guy is amazing. He would be an awesome fit for our team. How about Marc Savard, Olli Jokinen, Wade Redden, Joe Sakic? Like I said, I apoligize if getting some of these guys would not be possible. But I'm sure Clarke will do nothing as usual and maybe even increse our team size so we can "Wear Down Other Team Eventually." Well Clarke, we are still waiting for the other teams to be "Worn Down."

We Need Patrik Elias!!!

Thats all I have to say.

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