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05-03-2006, 09:32 AM
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Originally Posted by criminaldrp
I guess that's why they say trolls are dumb...

Seriously, this guy comes in to the habs board as soon as they lose the series and posts a "matter-of-fact comment" like a dick on a specific topic that he simply eludes.

As for Kovy, he played better than I thought he would during the series. People forget he is kovalev, not lemieux, gretzky, or even modano or yzerman for that matter. He is the player he always was, and you can't build a team around him if you think he is the key player. His most brilliant moments came when he was surrounded by great players. He will never be the center piece of this team. Think about it: how long have you watched kovalev? How long have you actually thought he was a star? He has crazy puckhandling skills and a very good shot, but he isn't, and will never be, the number one player on a team. He might be on ours, but that just goes to show.

Peace out, I'm ****ing pissed. To end the series on a fluke goal like that was atrocious.
Ok....I could of chosen many posts in this thread to make my comment it`s not just you.

First of all, Kovalev is most probably the most talented player in the world right now. If he played like he did in the first 2 games, there`s no one in the world I would trade him for.

I`m happy he made those comments after the game. Shows that he cares. And to all those that say that he doesn`t play with heart don`t know what they are talking about. I`m fairly confident in saying Kovy has been playing injured for the last couple games and he has been for parts of the season.

I don`t know what kind of **** the media is trying to pull here but there`s no reason for them to be showing these quotes all the time like that. After an ending like that, people say stuff they wouldn`t normally say.

The french media could of showed some respect and just let it slide.

Secondly, did anyone see how pissed off Kovy was in the last 2 min or so? He got taken down and there was no penalty, so he just went after a bunch of different guys....I thought he was gonna drop his gloves at one point.

And thirdly,

This is our team, and Kovy is our one of our key players, so I think all of us should support him.

The whole team played great last night, and although I`m really dissapointed, I`m proud of them and I`m already waiting impatiently for next season

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