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Originally Posted by EmpireStateofMind View Post
Well we're just gonna keep complaining anyway haha. I have a two hour gap beween my classes bored.
Two hours between classes is usually when all the magic happens
Catch up on study, work, meet people, get food, take a stroll, go on HF , meditate, follow a random person around the campus for 2 hours to creep the hell out of them. I highly recommend the last thing. I followed a guy for 40 minutes between classes one day and I followed him from when we left my morning class which he was also in all the way across campus to the science wing and to some underground shady biology lab. The best part was when he went to the washroom (I think he might have noticed me so he pulled away) and I just walked in there with him and checked out my hair for like 3 minutes

I sometimes question my sanity or maturity

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