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12-04-2003, 08:07 PM
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Originally Posted by dawgbone
No I get the point...

If the coach tells the player to do something, and he doesn't do it, and it results in a goal against, that is the coach's fault?

No, it isn't.

If a coach loses the room, does that mean he is a bad coach? No. It means that the players feel they don't have to listen to him anymore. And if they lose while not listening, it isn't the coach who is to blame.

If it is the coach's fault that he loses a team, then why do we want guys like Larry Robinson, or Mike Keenan, or Ken Hitchcock? They all lost their respective dressing rooms... why would here be any different?
What if what the coach is saying to the players is just plain dumb. Example: "Smytty, you have to create some offense, we'll line you up with Pisani and Moreau. By the way, you need to be super responsible defensively against the other teams' top players. Go get em!"

A lot of players are smart and know as much about the game as a coach. Reasonable minds may differ.

When is it ok to lay some blame on the coaches if the players are the one's at fault all the time. Coaches get too much credit for wins and not enough blame for losses sometimes. The worst PK in the league and a PP that's almost that bad and some wacky line-up moves combined with winless in 6 would seem to indicate the coaches MIGHT be doing some things wrong. Some players probably agree.

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