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09-06-2012, 03:49 PM
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Originally Posted by -31- View Post
I don't think Leopold deserves any blame. He's just taking advantage of what's in front of him.

I think loopholes in the tax system should be closed, but I'll still take advantage of everyone available to me. I don't think I should have to apologize for that, like the owners shouldn't have to for wanting change in a system that they've been, as a whole, taking advantage of.
Yes and no, exploitation and blatant misuse of loopholes in any system often lead to things that were legitimate and useful to everyone else being changed or made illegal. It's not always as black and white as just closing a loophole and putting an end to exploitation without having effects on other things.

I don't necessarily blame people who unapologetically exploit things, (especially the given example of the tax system, which is another thing entirely) but at the same time selfishness like that can ruin a good thing. Maybe if the contract loopholes weren't exploited in the first place, they would have one less major issue to deal with this time around during CBA negotiations. Let's face it though, the owners don't give a damn at all if we miss hockey because of it. Really it's the fans who are the biggest losers, as usual.


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