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October for golf is hit or miss. Unfortunately you're looking at a 45+ minute drive to get to anything worth playing from Center City.

How "social/friendly" are Philadelphians in general? I mean, I'm very social and will be there alone without knowing anyone for six days, so if I don't get to talk to anyone for that time I'll go crazy. If I'm at a sports bar or something, will people think I'm crazy if I start a conversation with some random unknown person sitting next to me at the bar(like we do to foreigners here in Finland ) ?

I was alone in Berlin for a few days when I was a student, and made friends with a bunch of random people I met at a pub, and ended up going to a party at their house, but I have no idea how it is in Philly/the US. All I know is, I'll get really bored if there is a) no NHL , b) no one to talk to....

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