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Originally Posted by PhillyPhinn View Post

How "social/friendly" are Philadelphians in general? I mean, I'm very social and will be there alone without knowing anyone for six days, so if I don't get to talk to anyone for that time I'll go crazy. If I'm at a sports bar or something, will people think I'm crazy if I start a conversation with some random unknown person sitting next to me at the bar(like we do to foreigners here in Finland ) ?

I was alone in Berlin for a few days when I was a student, and made friends with a bunch of random people I met at a pub, and ended up going to a party at their house, but I have no idea how it is in Philly/the US. All I know is, I'll get really bored if there is a) no NHL , b) no one to talk to....
Generally speaking, no. At least in all my years in the city I've never had this problem. Of course it all depends on what type of person you're sitting next to.

You might have a problem if there's still no hockey come October though. At that point of the year the only thing sports-wise worth talking about is NFL Football, specifically the local team in the Eagles. You could try talking hockey, but I don't know how far you'd get if there's no games being played. Of course with your Finnish accent you could convince them you know Kimmo Timonen.

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