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Originally Posted by Phileeguy View Post
Generally speaking, no. At least in all my years in the city I've never had this problem. Of course it all depends on what type of person you're sitting next to.
That's good to hear...

You might have a problem if there's still no hockey come October though. At that point of the year the only thing sports-wise worth talking about is NFL Football, specifically the local team in the Eagles. You could try talking hockey, but I don't know how far you'd get if there's no games being played.
That is no problem at all, as I'm part of the 0,000000001% of the finnish population that not only follows the NFL, but actually likes it better than hockey, and who loves the Eagles(had an american exchange student as a roommate back in the day who got me into the sport). I don't think I've missed an Eagles game since 2005 or something, and having someone to talk about football would be great.....

Of course with your Finnish accent you could convince them you know Kimmo Timonen.
Niklas Bäckström of the Wild was in the 6th grade at my elementary school when I was a first grader, and he probably knows Timonen, so doesn't that mean that Timonen and I are friends?

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