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05-03-2006, 11:01 AM
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Well, I'll start with skates since thats where you started. First I would check out the Mission HE 5500 or 3500 skates. The 5500 will give you better comfort and will last longer, but its also $70 more than the 3500. I wouldnt worry about what fit you before, as companies tend to change the fit of their boot from year to year. I would try on different skates in your price range and go with what fits best.
As for wheels, the 5500 comes with some of the best indoor wheels out there, and the wheels on the 3500 are decent. As far as outdoor wheels go, you cant go wrong with the shooters.
It sound like your stick is a Shanny curve. My store carried these sticks when they were current, about 2 years ago. I will look today if I have any left. If not, Id reccomend a cheap shaft and a sturdy wood blade. ABS wood blades work well for outdoor because they dont get destroyed as easily, however, they arent as good for indoor, due to a lack of feel. Still, if you are going to use the same stick for indoor and outdoor, it would be worthwhile looking into an ABS blade.

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