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Sorry about this one being so late, school is back in session. I'm being forced to crunch more numbers elsewhere than here now...

I really can't say for certain how Burmistrov will do because it depends how fast (if he even does) he grab that remaining top 6 spot that seems to be up for grabs that could go to any of Wellwood, Antropov and Burmistrov. I have faith he will take it but I can see that spot being rotated not just when the individuals are doing bad/well but also when the team is doing bad/well.

Looking at last year Burmi looks like he made a pretty good step forward:
NamePOS GP TOI/60 CORSION CORSIQoC OZS G/60 A1/60 A2/60 P/60
ABURMISTROV C 76 13.20 07.24 -1.245 58.7 0.60 0.42 0.30 1.32

Most common line-mates (in order):
Kane (556:17), Wellwood (330:11), Antropov (226:43), Wheeler (167:22)

Most common D on ice with (in order):
Stuart (318:11), Bogosian (284:10), Byfuglien (266:16), Oduya (251:05)

As I stated above Burmistrov made some good improvements from the previous season:
Year G/60 A1/60 P/60 (sansA2)
2011-12 0.60 0.42 1.02
2010-11 0.42 0.35 0.77
%change 42.9 20.0 32.5
Looking at Burmistrov if he was to develop at the same percentages or half there of he would end up:
Year G/60 A1/60 P/60 (sans A2)
Same 0.86 0.50 1.35
Half 0.73 0.46 1.19
At same jump in progression he equals out to similar numbers as Little. At half the same jump in progression he similar to Wellwood/Antropov with less assists or a Cody Hodson.

Question remains... Who will get the last top 6 spot? I don`t see Wellwood or Antropov improving on last year numbers by any leeps or bounds, but Burmistrov most likely will.
Name GP TOI Shots SH% G/60 A1/60 P/60 (sansA2) CorsiOn CorsiRel
Antropov 69 12.42 95 15.8 0.77 0.70 1.47 01.96 01.5
Wellwood 77 12.69 93 19.4 0.74 0.68 1.42 12.65 15.8
Burmistrov 76 13.20 123 10.6 0.60 0.42 1.02 07.24 07.9

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