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Originally Posted by BGDDYKWL View Post
That's really a coin flip. I guess you go Cook because you figure it'll be a higher scoring affair.

I'm very high on Tate because he can be an ok flex some weeks, and he'll be a top 5 back if Foster's out. I also feel like Rivers is on the decline. I do see him having a better year than Ben though. Question is by how much. I have a feeling given the Steelers' current RB situation they will be airing it out more, and because of that I could see Ben ending the season not too far behind Rivers. I don't think it's necessarily a bad deal for you, but I don't love it either. I'd try to find another one.
Agreed its a coin-flip. Prolly going to end up actually doing that lol.

Yeah, i feel the same about Tate, thats why i have him in both my leagues and i dont own Foster in either 1.

I guess i just think Rivers has a chance to bounce back and could be a top 5ish QB, whereas i think Ben will be an okay 8-12, which is where Rivers is at now give or take.

Its also the matter of my RB are Sproles, Forte and Charles (with M.Bush/Hillis handcuffs) and i can afford it. Also I think your buying low on Rivers where other QBs you wouldnt be.

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