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09-06-2012, 08:54 PM
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Originally Posted by The Nemesis View Post
that's a surprisingly solid prospect ranking from HF (especially considering it was written/compiled by someone who doesn't follow the Sharks as closely as other teams). Not sure I'm on board with pushing Kuraly all the way up to #5, or dropping Petrecki all the way down to #18 (though I understand and admit that he's really imploded potential-wise). Also a little surprised that Viedensky

The only other thing that's interesting is that the rankings don't all seem to fit with the HF grading scheme. Sefton and Joakim Ryan both grade out equal to or better than Petrecki, but neither makes the list. Marek Viedensky probably also didn't deserve to get booted from the top 20 either (and he grades the same as Blackwell, Stalberg, Mashinter, and Petrecki)
Thank you about the Top 20 list and if you haven't seen the rest of my ratings and rankings then take a look at the Top 20 article thread. I posted all the rest of the Sharks prospects outside of the Top 20 list with some information on each player on that thread.

Kuraly has really improved but I will be honest with you about where he's ranked on the Top 20 list. It might be a little pre-mature but if he continues this rate of development at Miami (OHIO) University in the NCAA this coming season then he could move even closer to the Top of the list. I really saw him at the 9-12th spot not 5th but I was convinced by the Managing editor who saw Kuraly play live at the US WJC Evaluation Camp, to put him at the number 5 spot on the Top 20 list. He sees him as a bigger, slightly faster and more skilled the Marcus Foligno(BUF) type player. This kid is really solid defensively first but his offensive potential is really big because his speed gets him out in the open ice and his offensive finish has really improved.

The biggest problem with the ratings is there aren't any half grades or it would be a little more clear. A player like Petrecki hasn't lived up to his projected potential but could where others like Ryan, it's a little to early to tell. Sefton played on a horrible team and a lot of that played into his stunted development and little improvement in his overall game. Viedensky doesn't have the offensive upside that the others above him have but it's his defensive game and penalty killing which will get him to the NHL. He just didn't excel at either in his rookie AHL season and will need to be outstandingin those areas this coming year, to gain enough confidence to add to his offensive game.

For me, there's not a very big difference between any of the Sharks' prospects from 13th spot down to 30th. It all depends on development and improvement at each level as they move forward in their careers. It takes all different types players to make a winning team at any level of hockey but it's the little things that gets a player to the NHL.

I hope my comments helped you understand a little more of what my thinking was when making the Top 20 list. Thanks again for the comments and reading the article!

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