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09-06-2012, 08:00 PM
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^ That's so true. Well I think I'd be able to show enough restraint tbh.

I could go on one pack a day which is reasonable. Whenever I go to Dollarama, I like to get a few packs of the Presstine Marketing cards (15 random/cheap cards from mainly the 90s/early 2000s and some post-lockout). Nice to go through a set with that variety of cards and I'm fairly happy, they don't have to have hits or anything.

I think working at a card shop has everything to do with your passion plus your ability to take a loss. First of all, I'm guessing no hockey card shop can operate on a really good profit nowadays without selling other memoribilia plus magic cards or whatever. Plus to start the shop in the first place, you must have a good collection of autographed cards and merch which mots people don't. Most employees from what I know are family members/close friends.

When it comes to the passion part...some people run those shops and do nothing while others are active, have box breaks and youtube channels, hold contests and events and try to get people involved which would make it fun otherwise you'd just be standing at the counter all day.

Anyways I have another question about custom made cards.

There are lots of ways with programs to create vintage looks in cards however what about making them look dated/vintage after printing? First of all, I'm guessing that vintage cards should be printed on card stock rather than photo paper to give an older look (and it's more easier to make card stock look dated compared to a glossy photo). I'm guessing another thing to do is to maybe to print the back of the card on brown type of card stock.

But how do you make the card look worn/aged after actually printing it? Do you burn it a bit on a stove (probably dangerous)? That wet teabag method for making paper look ancient would probably be a bit excessive and not work. And there's obviously a fine line between making it look dated and making it look damaged.

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