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Originally Posted by Coldplay View Post
I ended up dropping 454 due to concerns about 308 being a lot to handle, so maybe that'll make things better (scratch that: it is making things better). Though I hear Brent Pearce (is he your prof?) is the absolute man.

453 prof is Darlene Walsh.

I've heard awful things about 308, but it has to be done...and as an ex-Lypny'er, it can't really be all that bad, no?

Class buddies?

Your fall schedule doesn't look too bad, honestly, it could be worse. 3-hour classes do suck, but the positive is that you don't need to show up multiple times a week. Suffering once is better than suffering twice, if the class is terrible.

On the other hand, I'm taking 226 and CHEM 208 (both online) this fall while I finish up my internship. I hear 226 is DESC 200-revisited, so I can only hope it's that much of a cakewalk.

451 is something I am definitely interested in taking too - sounds a lot more useful than the web marketing class. Keep me posted, or I'll pepper you in 486 in a few months with questions.

Oh, and thanks for your continuous advice; it's been very valuable.
Good point, and yes I've also heard Pearce is a king so it should be good times.

Honestly, at least Lypny was an interesting dude. Finance made me want to shoot myself, but you're right, it has to be done.

Darlene's very friendly - course is a lot of work, but it's interesting stuff (creating an advertising campaign, writing commercials, etc.) and not too difficult.

I'm quite happy with my schedule. Tuesday won't be terribly fun, but it's 2 days of I can deal.

226 and 208 were both easy (208 is insanely easy), and 226 is sorta like DESC, but with a business application to everything. Not too tough.

451 seems very useful, but the teacher is tough and she expects a lot. Still, I've been told its worth it, and since the rest of my courses are slightly lighter (at first glance), I'll take the hit.

And it's no problems at all. One question for you: have you taken Sports Marketing? If so, does it live up to its name?

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