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Originally Posted by yoteshot View Post
Ridley or Jennings at RB2?
Also, P.Manning or RG3 at QB?
First one's tough. I feel like with Vereen out and MJD back Ridley will get more touches (of the two), and the offense is better, so I think I'd lean with him (most fantasy sites will tell you Jennings however). Rookies tend to just be ok in their first games (aside from Cam last year) so I think you gotta go with Peyton.

Originally Posted by Static View Post
I've got Richardson, Redman, and Titus Young for flex...
All reports out of Browns camp this week are good regarding Richardson, and it's possible he sees 15-20 touches. Word was Dwyer pased Redman, and Titus didn't do anything in the preseason to support the hype. I'd go TRich.
Originally Posted by Static View Post
In another league I have Hillis vs. Shonn Green for flex, and Malcom Floyd vs. Boldin for WR
I'd take Floyd in the second. I could see him having a big year. Boldin's pretty mediocre these days. I am not a fan of Greene's at all, and that Jets offense has been atrocious. I think the Charles/Hillis split will be more like 75/25 come year's end, but it probably will be close to 50/50 this week. I'd actually go Hillis.

Originally Posted by ShadowDuck View Post
I'm flip-flopping between BJGE and DeAngelo Williams. I'll go with DWill if Stewart sits, but my gut is telling me BJGE is good for 2 TDs.
BJGE has scored 2 TDs in 6 of his 53 games with the Pats. Those odds drop significantly in Cinci's offense. Tampa's run D was awful last year. Unless Stewart has some miraculous recovery DWill is the better start this week IMO.

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