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Playing Big

Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
I guess when you draft so many modern players, you can claim to have the size advantage. I guess in your world, Gordie Howe can't be a power forward because he's only 6'0" and Maurice Richard is an absolute weakling...

Seriously though, we need to put players from different eras on a similar playing field, and that includes modern nutrition which has led to humans becoming bigger.

Ed Sandford, for example, was huge for his era.

Other than Steve Sullivan, which Maniacs were small for their era?
They are all on an equal playing field. Howe and Richard clearly showed during their era that they could play big. As did Dave Keon and Henri Richard, or Aurel Joliat and Larry Aurie, Newsy Lalonde AND Frank Nighbor during their eras. You have to show that your players could play big.

Same for Ed Sandford - Bert Olmstead very lite, much lower peak and nowhere near the longevity. Claude Larose had a better peak and longevity than Sandford.

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