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Originally Posted by FreddtFoyle View Post
Right now there's no limits in the CIS on who a player practices with or when. Until you appear on a game sheet in an exhibition or regular season game I'm pretty sure you're a complete free agent (ie. I don't think it matters if you are on a team roster on paper if you haven't played a game). There's been several cases in the AUS with players practicing with one team over the summer in their hockey schools or pre-season camps, and then reappearing on a different campus come September.

Next season in the AUS, they are going to have a hard cap on rosters, so I imagine once a team adds a player to a roster you won't be able to change teams without sitting a year, no matter if you play or not.
To add - in the late Eighties - you were a free agent until you signed a card. At that point on (until the end of the season) you were on the team. Then or now, it is still entirely possible to enroll and practice with 'A' then move (in the still of the night) and appear and play for 'B'. When this has happened, it generally occurs before each school's drop/add date for the first semester as you have to be enrolled to play.

A team will not be able to publish a roster without the players consent and that is best managed by a 'card' system. Nothing says you have to use all of your cards in Sept. - always worth keeping a card or two free for injuries and Christmas additions.

You also don't want to push someone to sign only to see them go pro, so in most cases, you sign a player who's on campus and ready play.

Generally changes like this are used to address a problem, but I don't see the problem? So UNB has a few guys in stands - every team has a few guys in the stands. So, what was the problem the ADs were trying to solve by this - force some 4th line guys to select a different program instead of UNB, X or ACD? This certainly doesn't impact the top talent.

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