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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
They are all on an equal playing field. Howe and Richard clearly showed during their era that they could play big. As did Dave Keon and Henri Richard, or Aurel Joliat and Larry Aurie, Newsy Lalonde AND Frank Nighbor during their eras. You have to show that your players could play big.
That doesn't just apply to little guys. Big guys have to play big too. What has Jordan Staal done to show he plays big? He uses his reach very well, but he doesn't use his size nearly as well as a guy of his frame should.

Both Haynes and Smith, on the other hand, have documented fights and stick-swinging duels. Haynes was also a champion boxer, so it's pretty clear he could handle himself. It's all in their profiles.

If you lined up Paul Haynes, Don Smith, Charlie Sands, and Todd Marchant head to head against Barry Pederson, Jordan Staal, Mike Ridley, and Robert Lang, I think you'd have a hard time convicing anybody that either group was going to be pushing anybody around. The Zambia forwards are smaller, but they are also a lot tougher and grittier.

Same for Ed Sandford - Bert Olmstead very lite, much lower peak and nowhere near the longevity. Claude Larose had a better peak and longevity than Sandford.
Sandford was a 2nd Team All-Star, and played in 4 EARNED all-star games.

Larose was never a post-season All-Star, and has only one EARNED all-star game, right?

Sandford peaked at 16 goals and 47 points. Larose had seven seasons over 16 goals and peaked at 29 with a career high of 62 points in 67 games, while rarely playing with a first line center or getting first line minutes and PP opportunities.
Low-scoring era vs. high-scoring era.

Also, and even more importantly, offense is not the only thing these guys bring to the table. In fact, it's probably their least important attribute here.

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