Thread: Value of: Brayden Schenn to the Oilers?
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09-06-2012, 10:20 PM
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Originally Posted by CanadianBoy8 View Post
If you think that Couterier will be half the player RNH will be, you're in for a huge disappointment
Lol Edmonton fans are extremely touchy it seems tonight? What is going on?

I gave my reasons as why I feel both will be similar players in the future. I never said Couts will be better than RNH, but the gap won't be as great as everyone think. We tend to forget that Couts really didnt touch PP time and a majority of the time he was out on a defensive assignment. RNH had the pleasure of being out more for his offensive game. The games that Couts did have the chance to show off his offensive game, he didn't disappoint.

Also I was making a reference about the huge disappointment to the comparison to Gretzky, not to the overall potential of RNH. Glad you took that comment way out of context.

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