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09-06-2012, 11:44 PM
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Originally Posted by oil9 View Post
What you give for him? He is a decent 3rd liner so who would you trade for him?

Fire Away
Horcoff is going to be a really tough sell to any team because of the 2nd & 3rd years.

Assuming no significant change in the marketplace as a result of the CBA (i.e. rollback matches salary reduction), a guy like Horcoff would actually have a bit of value if he only had 1 year remaining, simply because there's a lot of money still to be spent this year. Some teams can throw $5.5m on the 3rd line, and it wouldn't impact their ability to solve other needs. However, the 2nd year and uncertainty that a future market brings basically destroys all of his trade value and then some.

It's for that reason, that the proposals which come close to equating Horcoff with guys like Connolly or Lombardi are completely ubsurd. The latter are players with 1 year remaining, pose no future risk to a team, and certainly provide more bang for the buck on cap hits. Even something that involves Komisarek makes absolutely no sense, especially considering the Leafs abundance of depth centres and lack of shutdown defencemen.

Even the notion of making a Lombardi-type deal is a tough one for Horcoff. Remember, Lombardi was expected to at least start on the LTIR where he doesn't count against the cap (but does have to be paid because his contract was uninsured)... which made his contract more appealing to a deep pocketed team who didn't care about actual money paid out. That's not the case with Horcoff, so acquiring him is going to mean $5.5m you can't spend elsewhere, for the next 3 years.

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