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Originally Posted by Dreakmur View Post
Yes, Paul Haynes and his career high of 27 PIMs and 164 total career PIMs shows a clear lack of discipline.

Furthermore, defending yourself in a brawl isn't the same as lack of disipline. Both of their "duels" were with noted goons.

Larose played in 2 of his 4 All-Star games because he played for the Canadiens. Like one of Sandford's, these are basically worthless.

For Larose's actual EARNED all-stars, he was in the much weaker West division, which was equally represented. There were some very good RWs in Larose's time but he never competed for votes with those guys. Here are the All-Star RWs from Larose's divison in his 2 All-Star games:
1969 - Ken Schinkel, Bill Hicke, and Jimmy Roberts.
1970 - Bill Goldsworthym, Jimmy Roberts, Gary Sabourin, Frank St. Marseille.

I'm sure people must be wondering who the LWs were in the early 50s who Sandford competed with for his 4 EARNED all-star teams.... here are a few good guys off the top of my head... Ted Lindsay, Dickie Moore, Doug Bentley, Sid Smith, Harry Watson, and Dean Prentice.

There's a big difference between 40 assists in the 1920s, the 1950s, the 1990s, and the 2000s. Raw point totals are basically irrelevant in this setting. Where they placed vs their peers is what matters.

Shane Corson's 31 goal season in 1990 is a good example. It sound way better than Ed Sandford's 16 goals in 1949. Look at it in context, and Sandford's season was actually better.

Corson was 44th in goals, and had 50% as many as 2nd place Steve Yzerman.
Sandford was 23rd in goals, and had 62% as many as 2nd place Ted Lindsay.

That's true, but I never questioned his defensive game. I said he was not an offensive threat, and he's not. That's why he should be used in a defensive role.

He is not equiped to handle top-6 duty. He is basically a zero in terms if playmaking, and his best goalscoring percentages are 58, 50, 48, 41
Yet the percentage of players involved in stick swinging incidents is very small, probably < 1% yet your team has admitted to 3 out of 24 or 12.5%.

Bentley was well past prime, while Moore and Prentice were pre prime. O6 era, 1/3 of the players every season played in the ASG regardless.

We are not comparing Sandford to Corson. Although the 1949 season is interesting since Ed Sanford played Center that season:

Again we are looking at a two position player who was out of the NHL by the age of 28.

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