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09-07-2012, 03:03 AM
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The league is more profitable then it ever has been and continues to grow. Bettman saying **** you to ESPN and moving on to a no name channel was a ballsy move, if it failed hockey probably would have failed if it worked it would gradually grow into something bigger, and sure you can't say he had the foresight to know NBC would come knocking but the point of going to OLN was to get hockey its own channel to grow the sport and draw interest from larger networks which is exactly what it did and now you have a great TV deal with one of the best networks ever. You get the coverage you want from a leading network during prime time and are the #1 sport outside of the summer Olympics every 4 years.

I'll agree the lockouts are unacceptable, there is no reason to lockout the league every time the CBA is up. But honestly I'm pro trying to grow the game outside of normal markets as well as the attempt to create parity throughout the league. I like having a league where every team can compete and win on any given day even if my team would benefit from going back to the old ways of doing things. And sure you can point at Phoenix and Atlanta and say well hey those markets suck we are just hemorrhaging money into them year after year, I can point to Florida, Tampa Bay, Nashville, Carolina, LA, Colorodo, Dallas, San Jose and Anaheim and say it can work. Some better then others but it takes time to do so.

Sure the NHL could be bigger and more profitable then it is. But it could also be a lot worse. As the gentleman above stated it wasn't really a fair question as I don't think there are many on here that really know that answer. But the question of the poll is would i fire Bettman as a fan and my answer is no because I have no idea who could do that job better, nor would I be confident in whoever makes those decisions in finding a suitable replacement that wouldn't tank the league

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