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09-07-2012, 04:13 AM
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Missing out on every FA that didn't grow up in BC isn't a story is it? Surely the naptime advice and splendid buffets make up for wreckage like Ballard? Vancouver is a destination team, right? What about the coaching certainty?

At least Gillis isn't on the hook for Doan. Adding age is folly! FFS!

If Gillis really wants to improve the team he must convert assets into useful pieces. Non fits Ballard and Luongo must be converted into promising youngsters that address team weaknesses.

As much as Gillis refuses to acknowledge it, it cannot be denied any longer that the Sedins need a bodygaurd on the ice with them at all times. Kesler's line is not balanced in the traditional sense. Really, the top six is a top four with one guy on both lines! Clone Burrows or make changes!

Gillis might not be the right guy. I think he is proving that, now. His stubborn refusal to play the game has cost the team very harshly. The league is not moving towards his fantasy model! In fact, it is moving away from the Gillis projections! Perhaps it is time to move away from Gillis?

Fire Gillis. Hire Roy. Trade Schnieder and Edler for a top six fix. Ottawa has the pieces to make this work.

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