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09-07-2012, 06:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post

I feel old @ 26. Like a grandpa to some of you guys. Ugh.
Man..some of you guys make me feel like the youngest poster in here.

J94 said:
Better Thrash Metal album: Maser Of Puppets or Rust In Peace?

Rust In Peace is great, but Puppets is Metallica's magnum opus.

Dark Passenger said:
I'm about to begin a long journey of being up to my eyeballs in debt in order to pay for grad school. Great

A few questions if I may?

Where is grad school?
Is grad school required for your field or does it just make things easier ?

Does where you go actually matter, or is it like teaching: ie- you just need a graduate degree and they don't care where its from (heck they don't even care what its in)? A pump money into the economy type of thing?

Silverfish said:
I guess I'm one of the weird ones who would rather wake up early and be done with classes early so I have a lot of the day to just relax?

I get out of work at 2:25 on Fridays. It's awesome. I'm also off periods 6-8.


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