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09-07-2012, 08:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Minor Boarding View Post
Simon Gagne and Anze Kopitar have the same ratings and you still ask what is wrong with the ratings?

...I am not even going into the retarded Canucks/Leafs ratings...
This. The ratings pretty much all over the league are terrible this year. Going to be lots of editing on my part when I get the game.

Here's EA explanation for the change...
How are the NHL 13 player ratings different from NHL 12?

EA: Last year, overall ratings reflected a player's effectiveness based on their player type (ex. Sniper, Enforcer, Grinder, etc.). NHL 13 Overall ratings are based on a player's overall skill based on their position.

Why the change?

EA: It was a fan-requested change that ensured that overall ratings were more representative of a players skill level in real life. A players who is 90+ will feel drastically different than one who is rated 65.

Examples: NHL 12 Parros was an 81 as his rating was based on his player type — enforcer, meaning that he was an above average enforcer. In NHL 13 Parros is an 69 overall based on his skill level as a forward. Chris Neil was an 82 (Grinder) last year, this year he's a 78. With this new overall ratings system, his rating didn't drop as significantly as Parros because he's still a skilled player who can check and score effectively.
Should've left it the way it was. Those made a lot of sense. Parros is still an NHL player and should be rated as such. Now there are a ton of guys from the SEL, Swiss, DEL that will be rated higher than him. Heck probably a good chunk of the CHL players in the game will be rated higher than him.

Parise rated higher than Kopitar? Uhh huh, right...
Mikku Koivu the same overall as Kopitar? They realize both are two-way centers and that Kopitar is head and shoulders a better player.

Also Nolan and King had one good 1/3 of a season/playoffs, their ratings are fine for right now.
Weise had 8 points in 68 games this year...
Compare that with King and his 14 points in 27 games and then think about this:

You're putting too much stock into "overall" Richards is rated higher than Kopi because he's a better hitter and fighter and those translate into a higher overall because they're weighted more.
By your own logic King should be rated higher because he can fight, hit, and score unlike Weise who is more of a fighter.

The last issue I tentatively have with the ratings is what effect they may have on GM/Franchise mode. Are there going to be guys like Parros, Westgarth, Bitz, etc. are getting dumped as computer teams sign younger players out of juniors that are rated higher. If it's true about the roles no longer being factored in that could be an issue as computer teams will avoid signing enforcers. Like I said this is a tentative complaint based on past experiences with video game hockey and could be pointless.

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