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Originally Posted by Mike McDermott View Post
Time for some good old fashioned OT advice.

Here is a debate me and the Mrs are currently having:

As I've stated here I'm looking for a new job. (She is too actually) Now while neither of us is happy at present time we've worked for them for a long time and they've been there for us in the past.

So the debate is should we let them know we are actively pursuing other jobs because we are unhappy so they aren't blindsided when we turn in notice or just sit on it until we find other jobs?

(I have a feeling I know what most/all of you will say but hearing it will help )
You let them know when you have an offer in hand.

There is NOTHING to gain by telling them early other than them looking to replace you before you get a chance to leave.

A few years ago, I had a job as a field tech. Basically, when we had a client in the city who needed something done on site, I'd go and do it.

Problem was, contracts got cancelled. My area expanded from within 35 miles of the city when I was hired to well into the northern reaches of Minnesota. After two years of not a single pay increase (Not cost of living, nothing), I mentioned something to my boss about it saying 'Well if something doesn't happen soon you really aren't giving me alot of choice in terms of my job' or something of that ilk.

One Month later I was laid off. Right smack dab in the middle of one of the worst job markets for IT in my professional lifetime.

Lesson learned: Never let your company know that you are considering a new job. Sure, you can voice concerns...but until you have an offer in hand, you let no one within the company know you are looking

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